How Can I Take Salvia if I Don’t Know How It Works?

People have found a number of ways to use the Salvia plant for recreational use, or to alleviate the problems associated with depression, or feeling out of touch with one’s own feelings. The effects of this drug are short lived, but offer a “break” from reality that many people find useful. For this reason having a recreation method such as Salvia comes in handy for many.

Modern Methods

The modern method is also referred to as the Quid Method, and to use this one needs to have a ball or cylinder of rolled up leaves of this plant made. The person using this method would slowly chew the leaves and spit the juice out into a cup. After half an hour of chewing most people will start to feel the effects of the plant.

Smoking Dried Leaves

In the smoking method dry leaves of the plant are smoked. This should be a short pipe, as the leaves need to be heated a high temp in order to vaporize. The flame needs to hold immediately above the leaves in what is typically referred to as steamroller pipe. For most who smoke it will take a medium sized bowl of leaves to achieve the desired effect. However beginners should start with a small amount in order to test the personal effects of using these leaves.

Vaporizing the Leaves

Using Salvinorin A is also possible with vaporization, but many who are experienced in using various methods don’t recommended it. This is because it is necessary to be very exact with the measurement or the dose will be too much. In using this way of taking extract it’s necessary to use a chemical balance that can weigh by the milligrams. Such a tool is usually priced beyond the kind of expense most will want to use for what is common a relatively inexpensive substance.

Salvia Drug or Plant?

In looking at the usual methods of taking using the leaves from this plant, the question many people ask is whether or not this is considered a drug. While it is an organic compound it is not commonly associated with drug use, and fits in better with other herb use such as peyote. This substance as either dried leaves or extract is not often used habitually, and therefore most countries do not ban it, or make the sale of it illegal as they do manufactured drugs, or organics that are used habitually such as cannabis.

It is possible to see a danger in using this substance no matter the method used in not taking certain precautions to maintain the safety of the individual using it. Most who experiment with the use of this substance are cautioned to have friend or someone with experience using Salvia nearby in order to safeguard the individual using it from harm while under the influence. It is not seen as the type of recreational drug used for parties or raves such as Ecstasy. For this reason while some countries have banned the use of this plant others do not see it as a threat.