Difference Between Glass Bongs vs Acrylic Bongs

Shopping for bongs leaves some smokers with an age-old conundrum. Do you go with the tried and true, old school material or with something more updated? Or in other words, should you choose glass bongs vs acrylic bongs? In the question of whether to go with glass bongs or acrylic bongs the answer really lies in personal needs and wants over what’s the “best” as both are good selections in their own way. Taking a look at how this tool for recreational or medical use is to be used will provide the solution.

The Benefit of Glass

Glass is often used to hold any number of consumables and the reason so many people swear by using it has to do with make up glass. Once this clear material is created it is a sturdy composition that doesn’t take on or change other chemical compounds easily. This is one the reason that glass containers were the early choice for the delicate tastes of milk and juices. It will also hold cold or heat more readily for a longer period of time than other compositions.

In the same way many purist trust this type of bong to offer the purist taste of cannabis. This is especially important with some strains as the taste if mixed with anything else can have unexpected results. Clean a glass used for this purposed is also easier as the glass will not readily hold lingering aromas or flavors. In this way the smoker doesn’t have to worry about strange tastes or a device that starts to take on unwelcome odors.

Disadvantages Of Glass Bongs vs Acrylic Bongs

The downsides from using glass are it can break for a number of reasons. As difficult as it as it is to change the composition of this material once it is blown it is an easy matter to break it.

Too much pressure on the any portion of what is essentially a vase-like object made of this material will shatter it, as will the unfortunate trip to the floor from someone’s careless hand. Depending on the type of glass used this can result in nasty cuts if everyone in the area of the newly shattered object isn’t careful.

Heat doesn’t actually break or shatter glass, but what pressure can build inside the container release a number of gases too quickly. This pressure will cause the bong to break apart with little warning, and since the break is releasing pressure the material inside along with the glass can travel quickly. Fortunately accidents caused by overheating are few, and most bongs are designed to release pressure quickly preventing this problem.

It is also typically more expensive as it is often more detailed in construction than other choices. Decorative and attractive this device is often not repairable if damaged. Still, it is often preferred for its attractive look and the purer, smoother taste it can provide.

The Benefits of Acrylic Bongs

This is the device that can become someone’s bosom friend. True this material will take on odors of products used, or an unpleasant taste of carbon if not cared for correctly.

The harshness of some bongs made of acrylic especially when new is a turn off from some who try them, but cleaning the device before use can offset this. It will need to be cleaned as soon as possible after use in order to keep the taste as pure as possible.

On the other hand this is the best choice for those who travel, or those who need to keep this object away from prying eyes. Those that have metal parts can be difficult to draw from if not designed properly, as the cannabis can’t be drawn cleanly. Some also complain that can’t get the same hit from this material as with glass.

Because it does become hotter faster, depending on how the device itself is made, some find they can’t control the taste or the rate the cannabis is used. This can result in wasting the weed used.

On the upside Acrylic is not fragile. Stuffed into a drawer or suitcase there’s less concern there will the be a tingling sound from within or disaster in the making if someone is a bit too rough. There is far less chance of breakage and its often possible to have this device repaired easily if the metal or acrylic parts become damaged rather than having to buy a completely new device. This is a far more durable product all around and usually far less expensive.

Making a Choice

Really it comes down to the lifestyle of the person looking for a bong. For those who are often taking a bong along with them traveling acrylic is the best workable option. For those who want a reliable taste and want to savor every draw glass is the best option. In both cases the owner will need to take care of the bong in order to see the best result.