How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds Successfully

Germinating your marijuana seeds in the correct manner is the first challenge faced by numerous cannabis growers. Failure to do this in the correct manner can result in irreparable damage to your precious seeds. To help you achieve desirable results we have set out the following guidelines.

What you will need

  • Paper
  • Two plates
  • Water with a neutral PH
  • A mixture containing 40% sand and 60% soil
  • Small pots or jiffy pots for your seeds
  • A fluorescent grow light

When you have all the required materials listed above, the next thing to do is to place your seeds within some pieces of damp tissue or paper towel. It’s recommended to use distilled water, or water with a neural PH of between 6.5 and 7.

When you have that done, the next thing to do is to place the seeds which you have wrapped in paper towel somewhere warm. What we personally like to do is to place the seeds on a damp layer of paper towel in shallow container, cover them with another layer of damp paper, and wrap the container up in a layer of clingfilm.

  • This stops the moisture from evaporating, and to keep any light out we then wrap the lot up in a piece of clothing, and place on top of an electrical appliance such as a television.
  • The optimum temperature you should be aiming for here is somewhere in around 21 – 25 degrees.

Hey People – Leave Those Seeds Alone!

Although it’s tempting to open the the container holding your seeds every few hours, trust us when we say you’ll be wasting your time – we’ve been there! You should at least leave them alone to germinate for at least 12 hours, but 24 hours is usually the norm. That being said some seeds will often sprout within 12 – 18 hours while others can take up to a week. While it’s very rare that a marijuana seed simply germinate, the trick is to not give up on any seeds and to keep them moist and warm for at least a a week.

Handing And Transplanting Your Seeds

With the heat and moisture your seeds will soon crack and a tiny white root tip will begin to appear. When these tips are about 1/8 of an inch long it’s time to transfer them to the soil.

  • Great care should be taken here, since touching these small tips with your bare hands can stunt and even kill your seeds. We strongly advise you use a tweezers or the tip of a knife to pick up your marijuana seeds at this point.
  • At this stage your potting soil should already be damp, with a small hole approximately half an each deep made with the tip of a pen or something of the sort, and you can gently place your seed in with the root facing down, cover lightly with soil, and give them a little water.

We must also mention that if you’re using clingfilm to cover the container which holds your seeds, you should still pay great attention that your paper towels don’t dry out, since while the moisture can’t actually escape, it can dry out on the bottom layer as a result of the evaporation effect making it cling to the underside of the clingfilm. To be on the safe side, when germinating your marijuana seeds, simply replenish your water every few days or when required.

Caring For Your Seeds Post Transplant

Place the pots containing your seeds under a fluorescent lamp and water every day. Ensure they are not over watered since this can rot their young roots, however it is important that enough water reaches the bottom of the pot.

Ensure your grow light remains 2 inches above the soil, and as the plant grows continue to gradually raise it to keep this minimum distance intact. Finally then, after 3 or 4 weeks your weed plants should be in or around 4 inches high, and can then be transferred to a bigger pot or outdoors. You should also try to make sure you keep transplanting your plants between pots to a minimum – preferably once only.

Marijuana Grow Guide

Are you a nature lover? You know – the type who likes taking care of plant life? You love taking care of them and you enjoy spending your time and effort on growing them. It makes you feel alive and you finally have something to share to your friends once your young pride and joys begin to develop. You like buying books and reading articles on how to further help you with your activity. There are different tools out there that can also help you have a wonderful garden filled with many different strains of pot.

If that’s the kind of person you are, then keep on reading! If you’re not and you simply love marijuana, then keep on reading because you will find out exactly how to cultivate cannabis!

Have You The Necessary Experience

When you have been gardening for quite some time now, it is most likely that you have a lot of experience and knowledge about growing weed. This is backed up by hours and hours of reading books, chatting with friends and looking up for guides on how to cultivate your plants. But one does not stop learning, right? You have to continuously update yourself with new knowledge especially about things you are not so familiar about.

Imagine yourself in a situation wherein you are given some seeds by a friend as a gift. These seeds are some cannabis seeds that you haven’t had the time to try out yourself. They aren’t your expertise at all. So what do you do? You go and find the best marijuana grow guide online so you can know about some tips and tricks on how to properly look after your weed.

From Germination To Seedling

Knowing more about how marijuana seeds can be germinated through different means is a job in itself. If you’re not sure how to do this already then please see the above article. There you can find all the information you need on the moist tissue paper method, the cup method, the customized germination station method and the direct soil germination method. Each of these methods has their own strength and weaknesses. It is up to you to decide which germination method will best suit you.

After germinating your seeds, you have to take care of your young seedlings. There are a lot of things you should think about when you want to learn how to grow weed. Here are some of the points you should take note of and include in your cannabis growing efforts.

Cannabis Grow Guide Cost

Growing cannabis would mean that you would have to shell out money. You’ll need to also find the right tools that will help your operation be a success. There are some people that say that the Compact Fluorescent Light Method is one of the cheapest ways and is the easiest source of lighting to use. It can yield a few ounces of dried buds each month and has been stated as the perfect “low-maintenance” way to cultivate your own hashish.

But be wary as every method has its own pros and cons. Yes, this method can be perfect for beginners in growing weed but this method is not for everyone. This method entails that you should watch over your plants and monitor their growth! That’s not exactly easy, especially for beginners. You have to be dedicated and focused because this method is very delicate. The cost for starting this method is around $300 and the maintenance cost is around $50 per month. You should think long and hard before you jump into the fray.


You should scout for the materials that you will need to help you in your new found hobby. This is because there are a lot of materials that you would need before you even start. If you plan to use compact fluorescent lights then these are the materials you would need for your journey:

Marijuana seeds Nutrients Coco Coir Light sockets CFLs Pots Timer PH Kit Once you have all the materials needed, you should now consider where exactly you will be growing your cannabis seeds.


There are many ways on how you can go about with your work area. Some people have a whole garden; others do it indoors; while others just improvise and let their imagination run wild. There is nothing wrong with any of these but it would be nice if you would just have one area where you will keep your plants. It can be the easiest to maintain because you will only have one area to think about.

When you try to think of the area where you will start growing your plants, it would be nice to think about the number of plants you plan to grow and the height of the plants. You wouldn’t want to give a bonsai so much headroom when you know that it will not grow too tall. You also wouldn’t want to crowd your cannabis too much as this can hinder their potential to grow.

It is also much better if you allocate a special or separate section for your cannabis. By doing so, you get to focus on them more and not have the tendency to consider them or treat them just like all the other plants. If you don’t really own a garden and there are no other plants to take care of, then feel free to place the cannabis wherever you want.


There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to proper lighting. You could choose metal halide or HPS lights but probably the easiest method is by using compact fluorescent lights or CFL’s.. Again, each type of light has its own pros and cons so it’s up to you on which light you would choose in order to have the best possible way to grow your cannabis. Some of the issues of these lights are efficiency, lifespan and they can be incredibly hot at times.

Lights are crucial to the growth of your plants – you must strictly consider what light you will opt with before you implement it. Making a rash decision may cause a lot more damage than good.


It is important to have a schedule of when you will water your plants. It is also good to monitor the nutrients you will place on the pots so as to help your plants grow. The schedule you will prepare can be a great way to help you have the best results in growing your own weed. Having an inconsistent schedule may be detrimental to the growth of your marijuana. So you have to be sure that you lay down everything you need in order to get optimum results.

Growing Your Own Cannabis is Hard But Satisfying It can be hard to grow pot on your own but with enough experience and a little help from a few other people who share the same hobby as you; you would finally have the cannabis garden that you have dreamt of for so long. The results are amazing and wonderful once you get the hang of growing your cannabis empire. Your efforts will pay off once you hear your friends and neighbor say, “You really have a green thumb. Keep it up!”.