Does Salvia Make You Feel Depressed, Sick or Crazy?

One of the most important aspects of taking a psychedelic drug such as Salvia-D is that for those who are depressed there is no magic bullet. Sadly, when it comes to curing depression what works well for one person, might not work well for another. In some case in fact, what makes one person have a lifting of mood will cause another to feel even worse. While some individuals who have tried S. divinorum have found is that the experience improved their mental outlook, others felt a deepening of their depressed state.

Where Did Salvia-D Come From?

This is a plant that’s gone by many names. Diviner’s Sage, Seer’s Sage, Maria Pastora, S. Divinorum, and many other names were used to denote the shrub with spade shaped leaves, and a bitter smell. It first came to western attention by those studying the shamanistic tools of native inhabitants in the southwest. The Mazatech shaman used this plant to induce visions for healing sessions. What was later discovered about this shrub that made it attractive for those who wanted to use it recreationally is it had a low toxicity, and even lower addictive properties. Unlike other similar psychoactive herbs this didn’t have as lasting an effect. By the 1960’s it started to become popular in many head shops.

Why Does it Lift Depression for Some?

Some psychedelics will act on the serotonin receptors of the brain along with the kappa opioid receptors that change the user’s perception of light, sounds or the response to other senses. Serotonin is the mood elevator in brain, so researchers aren’t sure why a Salvinorin A the active component in S. Divinorum would lift depression by only acting on the kappa receptors. Yet, for some have found that this compound does have a positive effect even after years of suffering from a clinically depressed state. For others however, it either doesn’t help with mood or can deepen depression. The same mysterious factors are also true of several medications for this condition. Science is still struggling with the issues of why these medications will work for one group of people, but cause a worsening of these problem for others.

Can This Make Some Conditions Worse?

Those who are bi-polar are cautioned against taking S. Divinorum. During the immediate effect of this herb, those who have this condition have become agitated, and have experienced unexplainable behavior while taking it. Outside of a clinical setting those with bi-polar disorder should refrain from taking any psychedelic or narcotic drugs. This is especially true when taking medication for bi-polar disorder as this could cause a mixed reaction. Mixed or combined reactions can negate the effect of one or both drugs, or cause an extreme physical or mental reaction.

Do People With No Issues Become Depressed?

If depression isn’t already a problem then most people taking this drug will not experience a depressed reaction. Some reaction to the visions or the feeling of detached from self is unsettling for some individuals. Others find the effects of feeling outside one’s self is liberating. As those who have used psychedelics before have stated, “you leave with what you came in with,” in regards to how a person will feel after experiencing these effects. Salvia trips really can’t be guided in the same way LSD experiences can. These effects are very fast, and a person will normally only have the most intense effects for 15 minutes after taking it.

Does Everyone Enjoy It

Most people who try it will repeat use later as they enjoy the mind-expanding elements of this experience. A few do not enjoy it, and feel out of control of this experience, or even frightened by it. As it happens incredibly fast for most people this is understandable. Cannabis can be seen as a nice long ride, whereas salvia-D is more of a rollercoaster for the mind. Most people are excited by this sensation, while others are not.

Are There Permanent Effects?

No, researchers looking into the use of S. Divinorum have found there are no lasting effects on the brain from using it. Salvinorin A the active component hits the receptors within a few minutes of use, and leaves the body just as quickly. Traces of the drug are typically gone within 12 hours, and even complex testing of blood stream samples seldom finds traces of it after 36 hours. Brain chemist isn’t permanent affected by Salvinorin A, and for this reason there’s no craving for the drug after use as there are in some narcotics. Since serotonin reactors are not affected however, there is only a natural high from using this herb unlike other psychedelics, but this also means there’s no crash or let down feeling following the use of salvia. Because this does modify perception immediate after use and for up to 30 minutes, it’s always recommended to have a responsible person watching over anyone taking it for the sake of safety.