Does Salvia Have A Strong Smell

While some have compared the scent of salvia with that of marijuana the reality is the two plants the leaves come from are very different. The aroma of S. divinorum is distinct, but not as strong as either marijuana, or as quiet as magic mushrooms. Storing this herb will need an air-tight container capable of remaining dry, or a refrigerator so the smell is usually only perceived when removed from storage.

Does Salvia have a Smell? – The Fresh Leaf Smell

Almost all fresh herbal products have a strong smell. Like some vegetables when a fresh leaf of Salvia is sitting out on a counter it will emit a heady, leafy odor most people find unpleasant. This is a different scent than with marijuana leaves, and is more comparable with bitter herbs such as Angelica or Goldenseal when fresh along with a hint of strong sage. If the leaves aren’t to be used right way it’s best to wash them in the sink under warm or cold water. Tap them gently dry, and remove the stems to the tips. Then roll the leaf in a paper towel and store them in a refrigerator. This will help in keeping the odor from permeating throughout a house or apartment.

Dried Leaves

The best tip experienced users can give someone not accustomed to using Sally-D as this herb is sometimes called, is that the dried leaf must be in air-tight container. If the area where the dried salvia is stored smells strongly of the plant than a new container is necessary. The odor from the salvia when dried will smell strong only when there is a more than a cup or more being stored in the same container. Leaving it in a clear plastic bag will not only cause the spot where its store to take on the aroma of the plant, the light entering the bag will destroy some of the active compounds that offer the drug’s effect.

A container capable of keeping air and light away from the dried S. divinorum will keep it from losing potency, and from smelling too strong. The container can be placed anywhere that’s not too cold or where moisture can enter the container.

The Smell of Liquid Form Salvia

The liquid form will scent like many other herbal supplements, which is to say not completely pleasant, but hardly stupefying. The fluid should not be emitting an odor when in the bottle so if an area where the bottle is stored becomes infused with this smell check the cap. Again, exposure to light and air will affect the potency so keep the cap tightly closed.

The Smell When Smoked

Smoke will also have a strong scent. Anyone who smokes tobacco will soon not be aware of this odor as they learn to “tune it out”. Others however will automatically notice this odor. The scent of burning salvia and cannabis cigarettes or bongs are often confused with each other. The aroma of S. divinorum is however more like the scent of burning sage, and not as “skunky” as marijuana. Ventilation is the key when smoking this or any other substance. Open a window as soon as possible and let the smoke out. Vaporizers are the best alternatives for those how truly have a problem with a smoky odor.

Getting Rid of Odors

If an area has somehow taken on the odor of the dried leaf the placing either dryer sheets or odor absorbing discs is the fastest way to cover the smell. An open box of baking soda in the refrigerator will help to absorb the smell of fresh leaf if this is a problem. In the area where smoked many people use a “plug-in” air fresher emitting a strong sweet aroma such as lavender. When smoking keeping a dryer sheet in the pockets of clothing or rubbing these over clothing can help in freshening them after smoking. Naturally washing the clothing worn will eliminate the aroma entirely. If nothing else is available then burning actual dried sage will combine the scents and usually cover the original one produced with salvia-D.

Odors on Skin

Washing with a heavily scented hand sanitizer will take the scent
off the hands or arms, or face. There are also waterless sanitizers,
which can be used if nothing else is available.

Other Odors

To freshen the breath after smoking drinking water, brushing the teeth and then chewing gum or eating something will often take the smell away. If nothing else is available a regular tobacco cigarette will cover the odor of smoked salvia.

It’s best not to carry the salvia around in a pocket or purse if the scent will cause a problem. This spot, whether it’s made of cloth, or leather will take on a small measure of the natural odor.