Does Salvia Change Your Personality?

Does salvia change you? The personality of any one individual is constantly in a state of flux. So many factors go into the process of what a person finds important, or what he or she remembers that any change in perspective can alter the personality. These can be small or large changes. One manner some have discovered to offer a fresh perspective is through the use of salvia-D or other psychedelic drugs. In most cases this effect is positive.

Smaller and Larger Personality Changes

A different outlook can cause an individual to make small changes in their life. Visiting a different part of the world can result in an embrace of different cultures, or it can mandate a completely different outlook about the world than previously held by the individual. A small change can see someone put aside a hobby or interest, or it can mean packing bags and moving to a completely new environment. While it would seem it would take something drastic to make a person change drastically often this isn’t the case. A conversation can spark a memory, or a creative thought, and one can make a suddenly reversal or turnaround in the way life itself is perceived. Salvia and other psychedelic substances often offer a short track to such personal discovery because of how they affect the mind of the person taking them.

It’s All in Your Head

When the term psychedelic drug was first used it was thought these substances such as mushrooms, LSD and Divinorum inhibited the brain causing hallucinations. Now it is known through research and neuro-mapping of areas affected by use of these substances the opposite is true. Various herbs and chemicals such as these actually increase brain activity. These cause a spontaneous firing of certain types of brain cells, which is believed to cause altered states of consciousness. In other words what’s happening in the mind of the person experiencing this is altered sensory, perceptual processing, uncontrolled memory retrieval, and projections of mental “noise” into images perceived as near reality by the individual. This can lead to extremely creative thinking or a realization not previous considered by the user of this substance.

What Salvia Won’t Do

Drugs referred to as depressants are often favored by those who are experiencing depression for a reason, as this will mask or dull psychological pain. While marijuana and other salvia are taking by those who are experiencing either physical or psychological pain they don’t work the same way as depressants such as alcohol or narcotics like heroin do in the body. In fact, research is still ongoing as science attempts to discover why these drugs will work in these circumstances. Rather than dulling pain by lowering brain activity as depressants do, these stimulate brain activity for a longer period of time than those taking them feel the most outstanding effect. It’s unknown why this would bring relief, but research do have proof it does this effect.

Not an Aid to Denial

Another element salvia and other drugs of this category will not do is aid those in denial. “She doesn’t lie” is a common expression regarding the drug known as Sally-D. By this it is meant those who take the drug will experience a mind-expanding effect. This effect often lingers in much the same way a very vivid dream will for days of weeks following the experience. Unlike alcohol this isn’t the type of escape from reality caused by the dulling of the sense, but rather a new way to see reality. For some this leads to feelings of being out of control, or even “bummed”, while for others the experience is so liberating they can’t wait to try it again.

Enlightenment for Recreation

Another warning many who use salvia will give to the uninitiated is not to take this herb lightly. What someone sees in a trance or vision is much like what is sometimes communicated to the conscious mind from the subconscious, and this isn’t always good news. It can be information the conscious mind denies for a reason. A relationship someone is set on continuing might not be for the best for the long run as an example. What’s stumbled upon can also be more profound such as need for spiritual direction, or a change in one’s life path. These can hang with a person for days, and it can change an outlook or even aspects of the person’s personality.

What Doesn’t Happen

Warnings of developing madness or giving into deviate behavior after using a hallucinogenic drug are based on ignorance of how these drugs affect the mind. During a hallucination a person might act out a vision because he or she is experiencing an altered version of reality. Afterwards however the person returns to normal, but often with a new perspective on everyday reality.