Do Marijuana Vaporizers Smell After Use?

In a piece of classic comedy a group of herb smokers are evicted from a car or room and are followed out by a cloud of obvious smoke. This type of detection in real life is often far from funny if it leads to unpleasant consequences or some type of confrontation. Most users of organics would prefer to keep their use private and the tell tale smell of marijuana smoke is a give away. Often partners, roommates or others in close habitation will complain if an smoker takes up a small confide space or waves the actual smoke outside a window. This is the reason anyone looking for alternatives will typically ask if other devices will have the same issues.

The answer coming for the growing number of those who have tried this method is…while there’s a smell it’s a very different less pungent aroma. Do vaporizers smell? Yes, but not in the same unpleasant way experienced by those who smoke it.

The System of Smoking Stinks, Not the Herb

Being told the smell emanating from a vaporizer is reminiscent of popcorn with a hint of mint sounds too good to be true to many smokers. The reality of this difference comes down to what happens with any organic is burned. Smoking almost any compound and you will find it does have an unpleasant scent. One of the reasons this method is used in the use of aroma therapy is no matter how nice an organic compound such as lavender, mint, or pine or its oil smells once it’s set on fire and burning the odor produced is far different than the original material.

The reason for the strong difference between this original organic’s smell and the results of burning are so different is the way this substance is changed chemically as it combusts. Smoke itself is the broken down individual compounds of the substance combusting along with carbon, tar, ash, and oils. When a plant either fresh or dried reaches a certain temperature after being set afire it will release water, minerals such as calcium or magnesium from inside the organic material, volatile organic compounds, and carbon. This new combination of scents is usually sour, pungent, and because of it’s composition will linger in air. The oil released by smoke causes the smell of smoke trapped in clothing, wood, or other porous material to hold the scent for months or even years.

Why Vaporizers Don’t Smell

The key to understanding the difference in the odor produced by a rolled cigarette or bong and a “vap” is in knowing that with this method there’s no combustion. Vaporizers can work in one of two ways, but neither of these methods actually burns any material. Instead this delivery system will heat up herbal material to a boil releasing a cloud that’s free of carbon.

Conduction: The substance is heated up after coming in contact with a element that’s already hot

Convection: Hot air is blown over the substance. This heats it to the point of releasing misty cloud.

The vapor released by either method then transvers a tube and is released to the user of the device. There are several different draw techniques, which release various amounts of the vapor into the air, but most have a far less noticeable odor than bongs or methods that combust the material. In fact, some have almost no odor at all.

Less Carbon in the Lungs

Along with less carbon creating a sour aroma is less likely with these devices. Another perk with the absence of carbon is not only does this smell better, the effect on the lungs has been found by researchers to be far less damaging then through the use of products involving smoke.

Vapor Mists versus Carbon Smog

A few minutes of using a vaporizer will not produce the cloud of carbon in a closed room or car seen with rolled cigarettes or a bong. Usually the misty vapor hangs in the air for a few seconds to a minute before evaporating. This doesn’t mean the user is getting less of the active ingredients. In fact, those using these devices receiver a clearer, cleaner, “hit” with each draw.  Up to 80% more ingredient is drawn in with this method of delivery, and the taste is usually purer given that’s it is not tainted with carbon. Without the smog following a session of use those using can walk out without anyone knowing just how productive a vaporizer can be.

Portability and Control

Along with an end to stinky products, many vapor products are small and portable enough to be carried in a pocket or even a small purse. This allows someone having a recreational substance to do so discreetly without the fuss or safety issues of having to find a secluded location.