Do Vaporizers Get You Higher – Marijuana Vaporizers Reviewed

Trying anything new is exciting, but most of us want a few assurances. This leads many to the question as to do vaporizers get you higher or not? Chief among those qualifiers is whether or not the meeting the challenge of experimentation will be rewarding. The answer here depends on the use, the technology used, and potency levels you are used to having. A better question is will vaporizers allow you have a better effect with less, and the answer to that question is an easy affirmative.

Smoking is Inefficient

In most cases the average person trying pot for the first time will have a cigarette. This establishes their version of a “normal” high. Those who try eating or drinking marijuana as their first high are often in for a let down when they have their first smoking session. The reason for this is that smoking is a quicker, but not necessarily efficient high. Eating and drinking a substance will require a few extra minutes as the body is called on to digest everything, but inhaling the smoke works faster. The bigger effect will come from eating, but it’s delayed. In some ways, even though the lungs take in the vapor as with smoking, vaporizers offer the best of both worlds. Through slower than smoking, the effect from a “vape” is stronger, and takes less time than digesting an organic.

Why Are Vaporizers Purer?

What’s important to understand when looking at the difference between the effect obtained from smoking and a high possible with this method lies in the way the body reacts to carbon. Even after years of use any smoker knows the first hit from a cigarette can make them choke or even gag. The throat, nose, lungs will often feel rough and raw after a long session, and a person’s skin and eyes are often irritated as well. This isn’t a reaction to weed, but rather the way the body response to carbon. The same effect is experienced when sitting near a campfire, or fireplace. Exposure over a long period will see some physical damage the tissues in these areas. This is the reason the dried skin appearance of a long time smoker is a tale-tell sign of using this method. Using a vaporizer eliminates exposure to carbon.

Safer and More Effective

The effects from the cannabis will hit the user at roughly the same time as those who are using rolled paper, but just with the eating this substance there’s less risk of damage to the lungs. Vaporization reduces the risk of inhaling carcinogens, and research has found those who use these devices see much less immediate damage to the lungs than do those who smoke.

Does Purer Take You Higher?

Since this is a purer essence of the herbal material than found through combustion it would make sense this also translates to having a greater effect. Unfortunately there are no academic studies regarding this kind of effect.  Instead, you can only ask those who use what effects they see, and there are complications here as well. Ask any two people about the experience of being high and you will seldom get the same answer.

Everyone is unique in their experience of how they feel when using this type of recreation drug. To make matters even more complicated often individual experiences using the same products together will vary. Factors that can determine the effect someone feels include overall health, how rested the person is, when or what he or she last ate and even their mood. Experimenting can with different products is often the only way to find a personal best as far as has having stronger effect.

Efficiency Equals Lest Expensive High

In the short term you can get enough to roll a cigarette and the papers for a session for less than it takes for the one time cost of a vaporizer. The financial issue comes in to play when you consider you will need twice the amount per a smoking session, then a few minutes using vapor. This is one of the benefits of efficiency in that you get more “bang for your buck” than with cigarettes. It’s possible to draw in more of the essence containing the THC content of the marijuana with this delivery system than through smoking, and so it’s possible to use less of the herb over time.

Fast and Simple

The use of vaporizer compared to using cigarettes is usually more efficient. Small portable devices can heat up with a few minutes, and fit into the pocket of a pair of jeans. Locked inside a chamber the fill won’t fall out, and a user doesn’t hit a “hotspot” that wastes a portion. As long as it’s loaded properly the vapor session is much smoother with a smoother delivery, and better taste and definitely get you higher!