Da Vinci Vaporizer Review – Where To Buy Da Vinci Vaporizer

Popularity, ease of use, and a safer method of use are all the reasons for big changes in vaporizers in the last few years. None has seen more high tech improvements than the Da Vinci Vaporizer. All of those who have looked down at their app filled tablet or phone and wished that somehow it could also be used for a quick high has found the answer in the Da Vinci Vaporizer. Small enough to fit easily into a pocket, this one device offers purity, innovation, and style. There’s a choice of styles and designs, which makes have a few moments of recreation fast and easy.

Easy to Carry and Use

This is among the smallest of vaporizers to be found. While it is small it is still known as powerful, and dependable with 3 Lithium Ion batteries. Those who have experienced trouble with sudden deactivation due to battery problems will see this much less, and there’s a simpler way to control the amount of battery use as it’s possible to adjust the heat according to preferences, and it’s capable of regulating the temperature automatically. The unit has a regular power button, a secondary heating power button, and the button to control temperature. After ten minutes of use the unit shuts down saving the battery life. Many customers have commented on these features and state this device is one of the best they have used in regards to the battery staying strong for longer periods of time after a faster than average heating up period.

Usable with a Variety of Mixtures

Capable of heating up to 375 in 1 and a half minutes, it can go up to 400 degrees making it a good choice no matter the mixture used. Unlike some portables the DaVinci vaporizer can be used with oils, herbs and a number of organic substances.

Sturdier Design

Unlike some smaller devices the controls and the internal aspects of the device are made with sturdy materials that don’t fall about with normal use or a little jostling while being carried in the pocket. The internal storage area in the device is also constructed to remain in place. The latest models have a magnetized compartment hinge allowing easier access to the bowl.

Great Taste with a Relatively Short Draw

This is one of the few portables that can offer a fast draw based on its ability to heat quickly and sustain the temperature of the mixture. Most customers of this unit recommend the taste over other smaller devices.

A Fast Clean Up

This is a discrete product easily slipped into the pocket of a pair of jeans, and this slim model produces no real bulge. Despite the size it’s a simple matter to clean out the residue after use.

Design is Secure

While small the grip for this unit is ergonomic allowing someone to hold the device without dropping it, an important aspect for those who will use it after work or school when they want to wind down. The outside casting is rubberized making holding the grip less tiring on the hand. This strong, but attractive casting also keeps the model from becoming scratched or scarred while riding around in a jacket pocket, nestled in a jeans pocket next to keys, or rattling around inside a purse.

Using the Device

In using the DaVinci the proud owner needs only hit the on switch and the device’s blue illuminated screen and will come on and display an the temperature letting the user know the exact point the mixture is at the right temp. In addition while heating up the light on the device turns red, and will turn green once the mixture is preheated.

Most experienced users with a portable vaporizer recommended the optimum temperature range for herbs is between 355 F to 375 F.  This device only shows F., but conversion to Celsius isn’t difficult. AT 320 F. the user will not see larger vapor clouds, but it does allow the owner to release those compounds, which vaporize at lower temperatures. This ability by the DaVinci is important for those who are looking for smooth over powerful. Those looking for stronger vapor faster can adjust for higher temp.

It is necessary to be careful with the unit as it will heat up during an extend session. Hold the device in such a way as to prevent contact with the ventilation holes as these can become uncomfortably warm after a long period of use. Users will also need to observe care when loading the substances inside, and it is necessary to reduce all of them to oil in advance of loading in order to have the best and quickest effect. As with all battery-operated vaporizers using this device when the battery is lower will require longer heating times.