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This isn’t necessarily something most cannabis users are thinking much about. Folks don’t find themselves staring at their water pipe thinking “is my bong cool enough?”  The question does come occasionally through especially after visiting someone else and seeing his or her cool bong, and having to have this person explain how to use it. Or perhaps it’s hits after a boring night spent alone. You want something different, unusual, or that fits your personality. Chances are good that while you want a change you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Cool bongs are out there, for a good price you just have to know where to look.

Crazy Bongs

There is on the market place right now a gas mask water pipe. This device looks much like it sounds with a working gas mask attached to water pipe. Those who have used this artful, but somewhat cynical design find it works well, but they do complain about have to put on and remove the mask.

This gas mask might be new, but the idea of having a mask attached to a bong isn’t. Crazy masks attached to pipes are not knew and among the designs are those that allow the smoke to work up through the mask to make for quite a show as the user takes a hit.

Making a sort of trail with the smoke through colored pipes is another interesting element for a group of friends or partygoers to marvel over. Some of these designs include hearts, steam punk Victorian age pipes, or a complex network of pipes, which seems to defy gravity. These are fun. Often they are practical for normal use, but having at least one funky one to pull out from time to time can make a dull day or slow moving evening.

Awesome Bongs

The next move up is the awesome bong that creates special moments just being different, and perfectly eccentric. Some are special for material or design, and few are amazing for having both.

The Bamboo bong is an example of being daring, colorful, decorative, and a fantastic way to unwind. Sitting back with the bamboo in your hand you can imagine your ancestors doing much the same thing a thousand years ago. Of course, older models didn’t have metal extended arms or easy to reach carbs, but the feeling of comfort and warmth as you hold is still the same. Many of the bamboo selections available are artful carved, and so pleasant to use it’s hard to put them down.

Ceramic and Astounding

From risqué to science fiction you can find a ceramic design that speaks to your own personality. Nudes, star ship captains, and gnomes are among the choices you can find. To find the truly arty, or quirky you might have to find a shop with a bit more of a selection. Some shops seem to carter only to those who want nudes, but other options are out there. Looking online could be the best bet for those looking for something different.

The Metal Revolution

Metals have come a long way in the last few years. The new designs are less costly, and far less problematic than in the past. The designs for metals have also evolved with full easy to put together kits. While some look like characters from a space opera, they are actually simple to use, easy to clean, and capable of producing a purer taste than some other materials.

Plastic and Acrylic Dreams

Despite the fact that these do pick up some odors many people love plastic or acrylic because it’s cheaper. These are also durable, and colorful. It’s possible find almost any size, color or design in this material so doubtless there is an at least one selection capable of conveying your personality. A favorite color, or artwork design could take some hunting, but it’s almost certainly available someplace.

Getting a Design Made

Some smaller manufacturers will do personalized designs. This can be based on a drawing, piece of artwork of a written description. This kind of service naturally isn’t cheap, and those who have personalized water pipes will typically pay double or triple the normal price.

Having Fun

No matter how long it takes or how you find the one best choice in crazy or eclectic bongs the journey will be fun. Discovering the stranger, and more artistic carvings or pieces is entertaining. What becomes clear in looking at all the choice available is how personal and profound the experience of using a water pipe is for many people. The work that goes into the creation and designs makes owing a special one a conversation starter in itself. Having something you’re proud to pass around to friends because it will impress or entertain them is well worth the addition price.