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Our website is divided into five main categories where we review each of the top stores in that category:

  1. Marijuana Seeds
  2. Vaporizers
  3. Bongs
  4. Salvia
  5. Kratom

Although we do our best to provide our readers with the most trusted and best value for money stores in each of these areas, unfortunately when it comes to exact specifics we cannot reply due to the fact that by doing so we will be breaking the law.

Many questions that we receive yet are unable to answer are questions such as the ones below:

“Which marijuana strain has the highest thc?”

“What marijuana seeds produce the highest yield?”

“Which vaporizer do you recommend?”

“Are bongs legal in my state?”

“How much salvia should i take?”

“Is kratom an opiate?”

If you have any questions such as these our advice would be simply to ask the support at any of the stores which we have recommended in each of our categories. Not only are they more legally wise in answering your questions, but they specialize directly in that niche and would be far more suited to answer any of your questions that we would!

We hope you understand and thank you for taking the time to visit our contact page!