Does Chewing Salvia Extract Work?

Does chewing salvia extract work? For those who hate smoking or using a bong the next best choice would seem to be extract. It’s possible to chew the leaves of this plant for the extract yourself or buy it in a head shop. Many smokers will use purchased extract to add to the high of leaves they plan to smoke. If the method followed in rolling the leaves into a quid or buying the leaves as a quid, and then chewing them correctly will determine whether or not it’s possible have the same powerful results offered by smoking, using a bong or a vaporizer.

How the High Works

Chemists researching salvia have called it one of the most hallucinogens known. What they have discovered is that salvinorin A reaches the brain in 40 seconds after administration with a peak concentration. This is 10 times faster than the amount of time taken for cocaine to enter the brain. According to those using this herb the effects will start almost immediately and peak by 5 to 10 minutes after ingesting. One of the reason this is considered a harder high than other choices such as cannabis is that it does give the typical euphoric state some feel at times when using marijuana or especially LSD. Like cannabis however, this drug does target a receptor in the brain that’s known to modulate pain, and could be a possible therapy for those who experience mood disorders, but research is only beginning in this area.

High concentration of the drug speed quickly to the cerebellum and visual cortex, which are the parts of the brain controlling motor function and vision are affected immediate and for up to 16 minutes after use. Gradually, after this 15 to 16 minutes are up the most intense effects wind down and little if any effect is felt after 30 minutes. Research has found 5 to 10 micrograms of this substance is needed for it to affect these areas and cause graphic psychoactive effects. Chewing for extract, or buying it and taking a small measured amount can easily achieve these effects.

What Does a Person Feel on Salvia?

The effect of this herb is visual especially at first when the individual might see flashes of light or vivid images even when the eyes are closed. Some experiences dream-like trances and others will have analgesia. Many have a feeling of being dissociated from oneself, or in more in connect with something outside themselves. This along with the feeling of being unable to predict one’s own actions can cause a few a negative experience of feeling out of control. Most will feel as if the environment has become surreal. For a brief period of time there can be problems with understanding what is or is not real.

At its height of experiences some users feel they have no body, time is endless, and they are a part of an alternative plane of existence. At this point communication with others stops, but some have performed something close to sleepwalking in this state. Having someone around to act as a caretaker for the individual taking this substance is important. There is also a less desirable level if a person takes more than necessary. At this extreme level the person will move around erratically or will feel paralyzed.

How to Chew

The biggest drawbacks to chewing are that it’s messy. The juice will stain if the person taking it isn’t careful. The quid of fresh leaves works best, but these are bitter. Soaking the leaves for 10 minutes is recommended before rolling 8 to 28 large leaves into a ball and chewing them for half an hour. Dried leaves can also be used, but should be measured carefully. It’s possible to add sweeter or honey to the bundle before chewing to help with the bitter taste. It’s recommended to brush the lining of the mouth with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells making it easier for the salvia to enter the blood stream.

Hold the juice from the leaves in the mouth without swallowing. Most people report they feel little in the first 12 to 15 minutes of chewing. After 30 minutes of chewing when the juice and leaves are spat out most people are starting to feel the first 5 to 10 minutes of effects. Effects will increase for several minutes, and then dissipate by 30 minutes. Some report that effects last longer when they chew or drink extract rather than smoke.

Drinking Extract

Drinking an extract can make it tempting to try a bit more than recommended, but keep in mind it will not extend the experience, but rather increase the intensity of what is for many a powerful high. Too much salvia extract also increases the risk of side effects, or physical issues. Extract can be taken with honey, sweeter, or sugar.