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The cost of almost everything has risen in the last few years for a number of reasons. The cost of materials, and the transportation of products all will take money, and this economical change is passed onto the consumer. Of course, not wanting to have concentrate on these problems is exactly the reason someone might need a bong in the first place. Finding cheap bongs is a matter of knowing exactly what’s needed, and doing a bit of shopping around to find the best prices possible.

Bongs for Cheap

The first question to ask when looking for a less expensive bong is what exactly will you be using it for, and how often. The reason such issues are important is because if the device you select isn’t up to performing as you need it to, then no matter how it well it does work it still won’t be effective for you. This results in money lost as you go in search of another selection. Questions to ask yourself include will you take this with you on trips, or will you be leaving this out in the open? Having the best choice at the lowest price results in savings

Cheap Glass Bongs

For some the best selection is the cheaper glass bong. Glass offers a purer taste easy clean up, and for many is the only way to have the best draw when it comes to certain strains of cannabis. Others claim the glass is better for their lungs, as it doesn’t have any additional chemicals added from heating up of materials. If taste, and odor is more important to the user than size the best inexpensive choice could be in finding mini or flash bongs made of glass. These are a good for a solitary user who wants as much as possible from every draw. Most of these are easy to clean, and simple to use, and cost less then a night at hotel, making them a great choice.

Glass Bongs for Sale

Large glass bongs can become pricy, but for those who want to have a well- proportioned classic bong made of this material you will need to look for sales and deals. The price for this clear, and cleaner burning device is often very close to the lower-end costs of a vaporizer. The best way to get one is inexpensively is too look for sales. In some cases if you buy multiple items from a shop or online the price for one of these will come down, but there’s a still hit to the pocketbook. Some larger sizes will come on sale as newer designs show up. Watch for these sales, and as soon as they are spotted take advantage of them.

Going Ceramic

If you don’t like plastic at all then another choice is ceramic which like glass will not take on odors easily. Often attractive made, harder to break, and portable the ceramic is a good choice also for the lack of expensive. Many of these are among the most decorative products for this purpose on the market. The problem you might find with this choice is many are made in smaller sizes. Still as a waterpipe or similar option these are often freer of metals than both the plastic or glass alternatives, and will not waste the weed in over burning easily. The issue some have with these is they thicker and harder to heat, but this does keep the raw materials used from burning too quickly.

Plastic is Cheap

While some purist will not share the same room as plastic choice the truth here is you will get a long lasting friend who lights up easily, is transparent enough to see the quality of the water used, and yes, it will dilute the taste of what’s burned. If you don’t have any trouble with drawing quickly before the heat begins to change affect the bong’s effect on the taste than this is a great choice. Some selections of plastic are a good investment, as they will outlast almost any other product created for this service. They don’t break readily, and if cleaned properly they will burn with finer than any cigarette.

The Interesting Choice

The bamboo models have been on the market for an incredible long time, and are will used for similar purposes in some countries. They aren’t seen as often in America or in the U.K. because these cylindrical bamboo tubes because they aren’t as familiar with these. These will last a long time, they are often attractively made, add an interesting, but mild taste to the draw and do not break easily. The problem is some believe these do pose a fire hazard. The price here ranges from very low to very high depending on where they were made, and who is selling them.