Can You Smoke Kratom And What Are The Dangers

The answer to the question of whether or not you can smoke Kratom is both yes and no. Any organic compound especially in the form of a dried leaf can be smoked, but whether you get any results from having done so is another matter. In the case of some remedies such as marijuana a hallucinogenic most who try this find after two or three attempts this is the best way to get benefits for using it. Those who have medical conditions that make eating difficult especially find this beneficial. With Kratom however in part because of the herbal leaf itself, and in part since the way its alkaloids are disturbed through the body when inhaled this is ineffective. This mechanism while effective with cannabis and nicotine is not as positive with Kratom.

How is Kratom Smoked?

This is smoked the same way that tobacco and other similar leaves or stems are smoked. The leaves or crushed resin are rolled in smoked paper and smoked. This is possible to do with any type of leaf, but the results will vary according to the properties that the organic material posseses. In the case of Kratom the results are usually very limited.

The active alkaloids in this herb mitragynine, mitraphyline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine will need to circulate through the body at the same time to produce a feeling that most people find useful or pleasant to use. Because the make up of nicotine is much simpler it’s easy for it to find the right receptors in the body to promote a reaction. This isn’t true of this herbal leaf remedy as the alkaloids producing it’s effect will travel separately through the body and reach receptors at varying times which will fail to produce an effect.

Other Issues with Smoking Kratom

This is an herbal remedy that offers more than one effect. At large doses it brings peace of mind and relief from pain while at it smaller doses it acts as a stimulant. For this reason the dosage is very important, as those who want a pain reliever might not want to feel only wide awake instead. Smoking isn’t the best delivery system for an exact results.

Extracts and Alternatives

One method that can help the problem of disturbing the herb through the body when smoking is to use an extract. This is a distilled form of the product and stronger. Still, this isn’t the best use of the extract since it’s possible to have a stronger reaction from extract by taking it in other forms. These forms such as digesting a capsule or tea are faster, and allow the herb to be distributed throughout the body quickly, and the effect is therefore stronger.

Capsules and Kratom

Some want to try smoking, as this would eliminate having to experience the bitter taste experience that many face while ingesting kratom as a tea. Taking these leaves in the form of a powdered filled capsule is easier, less expensive and a more effective method of using this herbal leaf.

Smoking Kratom – Is It For You

While it is possible to smoke almost any kind of leaf, the question is what effect will this have. The Kratom leaf has properties that when taken as a tea, powder or concentrate will alter mood, and can also act as a stimulant. For this reason many people have tried smoking these leaves, and the results are mixed.
How Does This Herb Work ?

Like most organic substances capable of changing mood the alkaloids in the leaf are capable of creating this effect inside the mind of the person taking it. The alkaloids mitragyine from the Kratom work in a way similar to caffeine, but offer a more complex array of effects. Because the method of absorption for mitragyine will affect have fast it works on the body smoking isn’t the first choice of most who use this herb.

 Why Do Most People Use Other Methods?

The rate at which the leave’s alkaloids are absorbed by smoking is far slower and the intake is far less with smoking. Digestion as liquid is much faster and the distribution throughout the body is more even. What this means for the person smoking is that far more Kratom will need to be smoked to have an effect than by other means of ingestion.

Have Other Cultures Smoked this Herb?

Kratom is derived from a native tree that grows in Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree were chewed for a stimulant and brewed as a tree for a pain reliever. In the countries of its origin smoking wasn’t a method of used to see the leave’s effect.

Why Do Some Individuals Try Smoking Kratom?

In the U.K. and the United States this herb is often associate with cannabis despite the fact these are two very different organic herb plants. The effects delivered by this wonder drug from Southeast Asia are more complex than cannabis, but because of the association some have tried smoking the leaves much the same way as cannabis is used. Cannabis is a hallucinogenic while this herb is both a stimulant and a mood enhancer with no hallucinogenic properties.

This type of herb needs very precise measurement in order to have the effect desire. Smoking doesn’t offer this type of measurement and it is difficult to tell the rate at which it will be absorbed through the tissues of ones mouth, nose and lungs.

Why are the Effects of Using This Herb Complex?

This herbal leaf at smaller doses produces a stimulate effect, and at slighter higher does elevates mood, improves concentration and can be used to treat pain. At much higher levels of intake this herbal leaf offers feelings of euphoria, and a sense of wellbeing. Kratom does not give the person using the standard “high” of most organic substances that are smoked, and also has few of the side effects of these other herbs.

Side Effects from Lighting Up

Smoking has several side effects no matter the organic material used including red eyes, itchy nose, and drying of the skin. Try kratom from the top retailers online by clicking here now!