Are Vaporizers Safe – Are Marijuana Vaporizers Safe To Use

As with any piece of technology vaporizers are usually safe to use when used correctly. Those geared specifically for use with organics such as marijuana seem to operate more safely than other means such as using a bong. The reason for this is the technology behind the use of vaporizer, and that this delivery system can offer a better experience with fewer carcinogens.

Various Delivery Systems

There are a number of different ways to take and use marijuana products including through use of liquid chamber vapor. Along with the risk factors those who smoke marijuana lose more potency of the drug. Some are more problematic than others.

  • Smoking Papers: Rolling cannabis in a paper cigarette is still among the most popular ways to use this organic product. The problem is smoking anything is the lungs aren’t equipped to repair the damage from inhaling smoke on regular bases. The lungs do repair themselves, but this takes time. The average smoker will need to have quit for two years to see drastic improvement in damaged lung tissue. The paper itself compounds this problem, and any additional compounds inside the cannabis picked up during the plants growing period add to the possibility of inhaling carcinogens.
  • Smoking Bongs or Gas-Pipes: Most people who use a gas-pipe or bong will hold their breath for few seconds believing this will increase the effect. This isn’t the reality as 85% of this drug’s THC is absorbed in the first few seconds after inhalation. Secondly, this method heats the mixture to over 2,000 F. This is a risk to pulmonary health, the lungs, and this temperature along with the inhalation practice will deposit tar in the lungs even faster than smoking.
  • Food and beverages: Taking in cannabis by eating or drinking it is safer for the lungs, but does have some risks. More people find they take in more than intended through this method, and others complain of digestive issues following eating or drinking anything, containing marijuana. Those who need to take cannabis for medical reasons often have issues with this method as holding down food might already be difficult. This is also the slowest delivery as it takes time for the body to break down the mixture enough to have a reaction. This slow reaction is often sited as the reason behind individuals taking more than an intended amount.

Vaporizers are new, and the research into possible issues regarding carcinogens is limited, but those studies regarding damage to the lungs by this delivery system is encouraging. Those who use this method have already showed to sustain much less lung damage than through other methods.

Versus Foods or Beverages

Intake of this herb through food or beverages takes longer for most people to feel the effect. The reason behind this is the rate of metabolism through the digestive system. Some people will quickly absorb the active ingredient through the lining of the individual’s stomach, while others will see slower results. Some who have difficulty with digestion will also see a loss of potency in this type of use, as the body can fail to break down the mixture completely. Again, vaporizing is the better alternative method allowing a safer, controlled dosage.