Are Vaporizers Better For You Than Smoking In A Joint

With so many who use marijuana either recreationally or for medical reason interested in vaporizers how these work is becoming a standard question. The typical device is simple, easy to use, and has a number of benefits over other methods of using cannabis. Medial users will find this is the best way possible to have relief, while those enjoying recreational use will find it the most discreet.

What is a Vaporizer?

The original devices were large and cumbersome, but they had potential. Chief among the reasons for the immediate interest in this as a delivery method for cannabis is the improved taste absence the sour smoky quality of cigarettes, and without the calories of eating or drinking anything containing the substance. Smaller models eventually caught up with the interest, and technology has taken these units a step beyond with smaller and more portable gadgets capable of telling the user exactly at what point to take a puff.

What’s Inside?

Most contain a small chamber heated by either a butane flame or an electronic heating element. Other uses for the vaporizer besides cannabis are inhalation of other medicinal herbs, inhalation of aromatherapy, and tobacco use. The fill is heated, but doesn’t combust so no smoke is produced. Hot air is blown over the substance in the chamber of the device, or its heated by an element. The temperature is half that used in burning the substance so the true flavor of the product used is produced and inhaled. In some units the inhalation comes directly through the chamber, while in others it is collected in a bag for slower inhalation.

Two Methods of Heating

There are two methods of heating the substance inside the unit’s chamber.

Convection:  Hot air is blown over the fill heating it to the desired temperature usually between 335 F. to 400 F. After 400 F. the product and the inhalation are usually less desirable.

Conduction: With this method an element in the chamber heats the substance to the desired temperature.

Taking Draws with a “Vape”

Draws or hits from the vaporizer is an experience most people enjoy immediately without the gasping struggling to inhale most have with smoking. The essences of the substance turns into a vapor mist rather than smoke. This travels through a tube and as it does so it will cool slight from the heat. Various tubes are used, and some have a collection bag, which will further reduce the heat when taken into the mouth from there to the lungs. Some designs are easier than others so finding the best method for individual use is a matter of a little research through the variety of technology now available.

Choosing a Temperature

In buying a device online or off it’s a good idea to have a little help especially for those who have limited experience in using herbal or marijuana products. Most units will have instructions with suggested settings. It’s possible after a few uses to experiment with different settings as long as the user doesn’t go over the highest recommended temperature. The user should never modify vaporizers, as this could disable the device, or make it less safe to use.

Using the Right Stuff

One important quality of using vapor is realizing the quality is only as good as the material allows. In the U.S. and U.K. some areas are relaxing laws regarding cannabis use especially for medical use. It’s now much simpler to find quality substances including oils. If oils aren’t used, and raw material is the user’s choice than having a grinder is a good plan. The finer the herbal material is ground the better the consistency of the draw while using, as clumps will cause a rougher blend. Once the device’s chamber is filled the substance should fit loosely inside until the user tamps it down. Tamping the fill down will also help to create a smoother experience later.


No matter the type or design of the vaporizer the important part is heating the material, which can take a few minutes. Some units heat quickly while others are a little slower. Battery operated models will slow down when the batteries are low. Once the desired temperature is reached its time to take a draw.

Getting the Best Draw

Most units will come with instructions regarding taking a draw. Some even come with videos, or have them available at website for those new to a model’s use. Typically, most start with a long and deep inhalation then allow the unit to cool down before the next hit. As the mixture becomes spent the user will see a change in the taste. Spent blends will take on the taste of burnt popcorn. Some models have displays letting users know when the contents of the chamber are near empty.