Are Salvia Trips Good, Bad, Scary or Indifferent?

It’s a strange question about a drug that’s very popular, yet it often comes up. Those who have never tried salvia hear so much about the intensity of this herb they are nervous about using it. Frequently those who smoke marijuana or LSD will imagine the worst trip they’ve ever had and hear about the intensity of Sally-D with some trepidation. Some of this caution is justified, since any hallucinogen can result in a negative experience, but the popularity of this herb indicates such bad trips are in the minority for most users.

What is a Good Trip for Salvia Users?

The first affects someone using this herb experiences is an anticipatory rush with a realization that they feel differently. This mild feeling gives way to altered perceptions of reality with spaces to enlarge or shrink. Thinking because less coordinated and logical. Next most will have perceptions of light changes even with the eyes closed. Imagery projected by the mind appears real, but might be two- dimensional. This foggy near-dream state gives way to three dimensional and sometimes realistic visual imaginings, but most people maintain a hold of reality and realize what they are seeing is not real. At the height of the experience many feeling they have a connection to the divine, or they are a part of a different dimension of consciousness. In this stage many experience what feels like a state of bliss or possibly an extremely height state of being. Among the feelings some have is a strong sense of Déjà vu as if they have had the same thoughts or felt this way before even if they have not.

Duration of a Standard Trip

The average user will only have the effects from the onset of fuzziness to the last moment of feeling a different perception lasting only around 30 minutes on average. During this time he or she will not able to control thoughts, feelings, speech or actions as they normally would since their perceptions are altered. Taking the amount necessary to achieve this state is recommended since taking too much too quickly can cause a bad trip.

What is a Bad Experience on Diviner’s Sage?

What causes is a bad trip is that even while experiencing hallucinatory or changes in consciousness the person is aware this is an enhanced experience and not part of reality. Some have the impression of being trapped and need assurance this is temporary and the situation will end soon. Others instead of feeling “plugged into” a different consciousness or reality, begin to feel lost, paranoid, or extreme frightened. This is not a pleasant roller coaster ride from them and the trip is nightmarish. Their perception of time is altered making them frightened and thinking that time is slowed or non-existent. For these experimenter the trip seems terrifying and endless even though the amount of time is always 30 to 40 minutes from the point of consuming the salvia.

Don’t Over Do It

Despite the caution most are given many people start with far too much salvia in the beginning. This is typical of people who use marijuana or other similar herbs. Believing they will need the same amount of this herb they need to have with weed they over do it. Most who use cannabis are used to hearing hype about a strain or type of marijuana and find it offers little change from others, but this a different drug entirely. Taking more will not increase the duration of the effects. It will only intensify what the person will feel. Secondly many have a change of reality that’s more like LSD than cannabis. This is vastly different than taking most other herbs such as weed.

Trying to Be Positive on a Trip

What many who use Diviner’s Sage warn about is to marshal thoughts while on the drug, and not take it when feeling depressed, irritable or angry. The reason for this is bringing negative thoughts along for the ride increases the chances of a bad reaction. The thoughts a person has will take on power inside the trip, and people who have negative thoughts will have these intensified. The negative seems to come alive in the imagines the person sees or presents itself as paranoid thoughts or angst. With a down attitude instead of feeling closer to a divine or deeper consciousness the person might feeling he or she is hopeless or even doomed. It’s better to use this herbal drug when not feeling self critical or unhappy.

Have A Friend Closeby

Since even with a good experience some people will move or attempt to act while in this state it’s better to have someone nearby who will act to guide the person through this experience and ensure no harm comes to them for the amount of time they are feeling the effects.