Are All Salvia Plants Smokable – Are All Types Salvia Smokable

In all types of science mistakes are made. Sometimes these mistakes lead to great innovation, but for the others the results are clear dud. The same is true when experiment with what is and what is not “smokable”. A common mistake made in looking at plants called salvia is that all can be smoked for a psychedelic effect. Unfortunately there’s only one plant, and only one alone offers a mind opening experience. The others will result only in coughing, and possible an upset stomach at best, and possible allergic or toxic reaction at worst.

What is  Salvia Divinorum?

Sally-D and Maria Pastora are the street names of salvia. The “D” is taken from the designation Divinorum. When found in most head shops it’s typically called simply salvia. For generations in the southwest the drug has been called Seer’s Sage or more commonly Diviner’s Sage. This is last is where the proper common name was derived. Salvia is simply these plants genus. There are in fact a number of plants under this designation. The drug sold in head shops is a shrub that grows to roughly 4 feet high. The stem of this plant is square and either filled with fluid or hollow. The flowers are white with purplish blue calyxes. The leaves are important part of the plant most who want to experience this intense high are interested in as this contains these contain the chemicals used to achieve vision-inducing states. These leaves are a Kelly green and spade shaped. They look much like a mint leaf, but are much larger and not tacky to when touched.

How Does It Look For Smoking?

This herb when packaged for sale is the dried leaf. It will look brown with a mixture of dark green, dark green, or a mix of orange and light green. This looks much like cannabis and is often sold as an alternative to this drug, but it is far more intense and offers a shorter experience. This drug also leaves the body much faster, and there are few after effects. Legal in most places in the U.S. and the U.K. it’s possible to buy this herb in most head shops online or locally. Often these leaves are called simply salvia, which has lead some individuals to mistakenly confuse which plants can offer this high.

Don’t Be Fooled

A number of plants of can be found in gardens, green houses or plant shops that are part of the genus salvia, but are not Divinorum. These other members of the genus are not capable of offering the same effects as this Maria Pastora. In fact a few are toxic if ingested in large enough amounts. The majority of these other plants will only result in a nasty taste, and possibly nausea if smoked. Most are found not for any health or recreation benefit, but are popular as ornamental flowering shrubs. In the majority these plants are usually taller than the “smokeable” Sally-D.

The Effects of a Mistake

The idea a legal easily grown shrub can offer a high has lead some desperate or bored would-be smokers to try rolling a plants leaves and either chewing them or trying to smoke them. These misunderstandings in trying to light up an ornamental’s leaf for a high or regularly only comically, however a few have resulted in visits for medical treatment. Since these leaves offer no effect, and in most causes share very little of the chemical makeup of the variety that is good for smoking.

How Does Salvia Divinorum Work?

The chemicals in this herb are natural. Only a very few organic forms of vegetation possess a safe hallucinogen effect. Sally-D as a seller might or might not be able to explain to you is a psychedelic drug. The other categories of hallucinogens are dissociatives and deliriants. These last two groups are not safe, and will not offer a “good” high. Diviner’s Sage like most psychedelic drugs such as marijuana will affect the cognition and perception of the person who smokes it, chews the leaves, or drinks a derivative. This particular drug gives a short, but intense experience. Many people prefer this as it allows those using it to return to normal tasks within hours of using it.

How is Smoked?

The leaves are rolled into a cigarette and most find this the best way to use it. It can be smoked in a bong, or used in a vaporizer. It’s recommended not to use a vaporizer the first time in using this herb, as it can be hard to estimate the correct amount. In using this substance for the first time it’s best to test the effect with the smaller amounts before using more. There are a few people who have negative experiences especially if they have too intense a high without being used to it.