Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review – 2021 Guide

Congratulations on reaching our Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review page. Just below you will find our choice of the top three regular and feminized strains from this world famous Dutch based marijuana seed bank.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is well regarded as being the outright leading marijuana seed bank online, boasting an impressive range of more than 50 of the most popular cannabis strains in the world.

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When you are ready to place your order, simply visit their official website through any our unique discount links on this page to guarantee the latest discounts on your purchase!

Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Strains

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

Big Bud
This prestigious winner of the 1989 Cannabis Cup is one of the most in demand strains online, and is ranked up there with the legendary northern lights and white widow strains for popularity.

Renowned for its amazingly large yields it takes it’s name “Big Bud” for this reason and this reason alone! If you’re looking for a cash cropper or have high intentions for a huge yield, then look no further.. this bad boy has yield written all over it!

Big Bud produces monstrous buds with very few leaves. Its smoke is a smooth smoke with an intense sativa high soon following!

With this strain, it’s not unusual for the lower branches to collapse under the weight of the buds, and often you may need to support or stake these branches to in order to protect your buds. Definitely a must for any serious grower!

Master Kush

Master Kush
Master Kush is an F1 cross of two distinct Hindu Kush strains. Primarily a plant suited to the hotter climates of the equatorial region and indoor growing, this cross is a very high yielder producing over 450 grams of bud per squared meter.

Having won the Cannabis Cup in 2005 and following up its success again the following year, this strain has all the qualities to repeat its success again at this year’s competition.

Although it’s an indica / sativa cross, this strain actually contain more indica thn sativa, and you can notcie it in t the sheer body stone this sexy strain induces! Expect some heavy eyelids with a touch of sativa goodness when you smoke on master kush bud!

Another of our household name strains, we highly recommend this one to any serious marijuana users!

Amsterdam marijuana seeds northern lights

Northern Lights
One of the most lucrative indoors marijuana strains of all time, Northern Lights seeds are among the best known seeds in just about the entire world along with the equally famous White Widow strain! Perhaps it’s the fact that this magnificent strain is a former winner of the Cannabis Cup, having lifted the prized High Times first placed prize in 2001, 2002 and 2004.

As a mainly indica strain Northern Lights seeds produce a plant with wonderful characteristics – a mind blowing heavy indica stone, combined with the equally impressive THC dripping high yields of bud that form primarily on their main center colas.

Northern Lights is a great strain on its own, but for those who seek a bit of adventure. it’s also the perfect strain for crossing with other equally potent and high yielding marijuana strains to create the ultimate strain of your liking! Our opinion.. If you haven’t tried Northern Lights seeds.. You aint seen nothing yet!

Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Strains

Amnesia Trance
A cross between a secretive Cambodian strain and our legendary Super Silver Haze strain, our feminized Amnesia Trance seeds are the latest in our mind blowing range of marijuana seeds. As a hybrid marijuana strain containing slightly more sativa than indica, Amnesia Trance is a former winner of the Cannabis Cup, having previously won back in 2004.

After a lot of hard work we finally succeeded in producing the most potent and optimized female amnesia trance seeds with increased levels of yield than previously seen and phenomenal growth! Amnesia Trance smells of a beautiful musky smell with an undertone of peaches and roses. The taste is something to behold too.. a musky marijuana taste combined with a flower undertone and a sensation of spiced pepper!

As a result of being more sativa than indica you immediately begin to feel the intense creative, and mind soaring high soon after ingesting this baby! We personally love the feeling of euphoria, relaxation, creativity and the overall feeling of bliss brought on by Amnesia Trance, making it ideal for medical use as well as recreational. Be warned though.. Since this is a strong medical strain which is great for stress relief, chronic pain, migraines, and insomnia.. be aware that drowsiness may occur after use!

Medijuana seeds are famously renowned among medical marijuana circles as being a 100% all natural pain relief super strain! Commonly referred to as the most powerful medical marijuana strain in the world, this overwhelming indica strain has so many fine qualities its difficult to narrow it down to just one.

With its sticky buds covered covered in a sweet sticky resin slick and a pungent aroma filling the air this vigorous strain develops very fast. It produces many branches that are quickly engulfed with golf ball-like rock hard buds once the flowering stage has been induced.

We definitely recommend this strain to anybody suffering with any medical related ailments, as with this strain dripping in high grade THC we’ve had bucket loads of feedback thanking us for introducing it to the market.

Because of the high percentage of THC and the narcotic effect this strain is highly reccomended as a medicinal herb. Note : This strain has been known to be too heavy for many newbie smokers – Beware! AMS have also have lately introduced a feminized version of this beauty, check their site for more details!

White Widow - AMS review

White Widow
White Widow Feminized seeds are possibly the most famous marijuana seeds in the world. As a former High Times Cannabis Cup winner, this strain has been described as “the backbone” of the marijuana seed industry due to its sheer popularity! In fact this strain was the first of the “white” stains to hit the market and its popularity has remained just as strong!

Perhaps its fame lies in its unique and catchy name, although on closer inspection you’ll quickly see just why feminized white widow seeds remain popular even today. Being an indica / sativa hybrid, its bud is the strongest bud in the world, and with its THC bulging from all seams, the leaves also begin to become encrusted in the precious THC goodness, turning them white and lending to its world famous name.

The taste from White Widow’s bud is mouth watering to say the least and as for the taste, well as they say in Italy – Belissimo! White Widow is one of the most smoked strains here in our coffee shops in Amsterdam.

With our feminized White Widow seeds you can produce all female marijuana bud, saving you time, energy, and space when compared with regular seeds. This is because you will no longer need to be wasting pots, soil and lighting lumens on male marijuana seeds that you will later need to kill since they pollinate the precious bud and reduce their THC effectiveness.

White Widow is by far and away the most popular strain online. If you you haven’t tried this strain, or even better the White Widow XTRM strain, you haven’t tried anything yet!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review (continued..)

Being a Dutch based marijuana seed bank has its benefits, and as a result, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are legally allowed to grow, package and ship their seeds to every corner of the world including the USA.

In fact, with more than 50 of the most popular and in demand marijuana seeds for sale, if its household names you want for your grow, then there’s no better seed bank online in our honest opinion.

Setting out over 10 years ago with a pioneering vision to be the first seed bank online to ship cannabis seeds worldwide, they are widely regarded as being the biggest and best marijuana seed bank online right now.

With 5 Free La Blanca Feminized seeds with every seed order over €100,00 with every order as standard, you can enjoy the feeling of knowing that your freebie seeds are 100% guaranteed to be female bud producing monsters. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the number one choice for not only those just starting out on their cannabis growing journey but for experienced grow connoisseurs alike.

As repeat and long term customers of this seed bank for more than a decade now, we can personally vouch for them in all areas. What amazes us to see however is some comments on other forums and blogs.

Be careful whose advice you take!

Generally speaking, if you look hard enough, you’ll find negative comments on everything! So, unsurprisingly this is as true with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds as it is with just about every other reputable seed bank online. Of  course, when you receive thousands of orders per month, there is always going to one or two who have problems with their order. This is as true today as it was when the magical worldwide web began, and will continue to be in years to come. This is the nature of the beast!

Here is just one example of a comment we came across recently..  (excuse the broken English since it’s a direct copy and paste) –

i´ve research and i´ve read all this guys complainig that never got the seeds, and some saing that try to e-mail them and never got a response back, and yeah i seen a few guys saing that they got theyre

We understand people’s frustrations when things don’t go as planned. But maybe some are just more chilled than others. Or maybe those who complain haven’t taken the time to read the FAQ section (link opens in new window) on the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds website, where it clearly states :

Cannabis use is becoming legal in more and more states. But make no doubt about it,  federal laws state that the importation of cannabis related paraphernalia is still a big no no!  Customs have a hell of a lot more important duties to carry out. But from time to time they can, and do, find cannabis seeds that they in the mail and return them to the original sender.  Don’t worry though, unless you planning to grow a couple of hectares worth of cannabis seeds you’ll never be in any trouble! There’s bigger fish to fry than a small time marijuana grower! 😀

We say it again – Be careful of whose advice you take online!

If you consider for just one moment the demographic of the type of customer that shops at a marijuana seed bank. Now we’re not slating anybody, but merely making an assumption. Wouldn’t you agree that the majority of those who order from a seed bank such as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds would be.. well.. young.. male.. stoners?! 😀

Well surely you will agree that we as stoners are not the type to run around leaving positive reviews on anything and everything! Dare we say, like a girl would?! 😛 Though the review culture is a growing phenomenon on sites such as YELP and Foursquare,  it’s not quite “us”!

So when you take that into consideration, but STILL see the colossal number of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Reviews on the massively influential review site KiyOh (link opens in new tab), in our opinion it says more about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds than anything the company could ever say about themselves. Simply put, such positive views of this nature, from this “stoner” demographic are a tribute to the genetics, professionalism, and trustworthiness of AMS in our honest opinion 🙂

Besides problems with customs, we can only guess that a very small percentage of previous customers items failed to get their seeds due to random unforeseen events that can happen when ordering from any website online. Did they avail of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ ironclad refund guarantee in the end? Who knows! We do note that many of the negative comments that we have come across seem to date back many years. Maybe the refund policy wasn’t in place back then? Either way, it’s good to know that whether it’s seeds not germinating, or non arrival of seeds, nobody who selects the “guaranteed delivery” is going to be left out of pocket ever again!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds uses a rating and review system based on the Kiyoh rating system. KiyOh specialize in customer ratings and reviews which allows you to see the “stars” rating in both Google and the other search engine results pages before even clicking into the retailer’s website. This “star” rating system can also be displayed on the retailer’s website. On the official Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds website (link opens in new tab) it is clearly displayed in the left hand navigation menu.

Ordering from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is as easy as ABC

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the number one marijuana seed bank online for one simple reason – They specialize perfecting only the very best of all of the marijuana seeds online through selective breeding and fine tuning through many generations, allowing you to experience these heavy yielding and high THC delivering genetics right from the comfort of your own home!

We hope that we have helped you in your exciting journey ahead with the help of our top three regular and feminized strains review guide. If you really want to try something a little more exotic however, then perhaps you may find something a little more suited to your taste by checking the complete range of cannabis strains on offer from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds! Whichever seeds you choose to buy, we wish you the best of luck with your grow!

Remember, when you place your order with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds by following any of the links here on our website  you automatically qualify for a range of discounts on offer, including but not limited to 5 Free La Blanca Feminized seeds with every seed order over €100,00 as standard, plus our additional secret sauce!

Companies such as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and others use KiyOh to ask customers for a rating and review and publish these on their website. This has advantages not only for consumers, but also for the company itself. Consumers can then read the reviews of previous customers and have a better understanding of what to expect when purchasing from the online web store. The reviews left through this system are only allowable by previous customers to that web store. And with more than 8000 reviews and a positive review of over 8.5 from a possible score of ten at the time of this writing, the facts simply speak for themselves. And if you still can’t decide, consider Seedsman instead. You can get 25% off all orders over two hundred Euro when paying with Bitcoin. The coupon code can be found here and here.

Use the link below for the best discounts at the official Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds store!!