Alcohol and Salvia – Does Alcohol Affect Salvia – Reviewed

Alcohol and salviaThe recommendations by those who have experience with salvia vary when it comes to using this herb with alcohol. Some have very strong opinions regarding either the safety or the change in experiences from mixing other substances with salvia. Part of the reason for these for these differences in attitude has to do with the intensity and duration of a typical salvia trip. For those who want a differing experience when taking this substance it’s a good idea to understand the effects of both drunks before combining them.

Does Alcohol Affect Salvia

Combining any two drugs will change the effect of both on the individual taking them. In other words whatever effect felt from one of these two drugs will be changed when both are used together. Often, and this is noted to occur when both alcohol and salvia are used, the chance of negative physical results such as nausea are increased.

Alcohol Effects

The reason many people state “alcohol takes the edge off” is this is a depressant. A few drinks containing alcohol will affect the brain’s communication pathways causing disruptions in certain reactions and signals normal processed through these areas. For the drinker after a few minutes of drinking he or she will experience a warm sensation through the body, confused or fuzzy thinking, and for some a better sense of wellbeing. Some negative consequences included moodiness, a change of personality, and deepened feelings of depression.  Physical effects include lack of coordination, slurring speech, nausea, and vomiting. While many people mistaken people there is no way to overdose on alcohol it is possible to drink to the point of toxicity. Alcohol over intoxication can result in serious medical consequences and death.

Effects of Salvia

When smoked or taken as a liquid the effects of what is known as Seer’s sage or Diviner’s stage takes only a few minutes to kick in for the user, and usually the effects are intense. The duration of this high is very short and runs its course generally within thirty minutes after taking in enough salvia to reach intoxication. While it’s possible to see over intoxication in almost anything including water the chances of over using this substance are very low. The amount needed to become toxic in the body is extremely high. The intensity of this drug at full effect usually only a few minutes after using it does frighten some users who are not expecting it or who feel out of control. Some also have feelings of paranoia, or even terror. Physical effects can include nausea up to an hour after ingestion. Because of these negative responses some do wind up seeking medical help after taking this drug.

The Myth about Using Salvia and Alcohol

Some have suggested that salvia mixed with a beer or wine will lessen the intensity this herb’s high. The bulk of users who have tried state this is not true. Whatever the decision regarding using salvia and alcohol together it shouldn’t be in the belief that using these substances together will make lessen the intensity of salvia’s affect. In fact, the feelings of not being in control are likely to increase after a few alcoholic drinks. For this reason it’s recommended that anyone wanting to combine the two be very accustomed the effects of both before trying them together.

What Do User’s Feel When Mixing Diviner’s Sage and Alcohol?

Most will have the warm sensation experienced with alcoholic drinks, but the intensity of salvia is not dulled. Instead the fuzzy feeling associated with having beer, wine or a stronger beverage will dissipate as the salvia “kicks in”. For many there is a greater feeling of not being in control of the situation or their perceptions. There is less of some more positive effects associated the sage in that it’s less likely to feel an increase in sensual and aesthetic connections. The creative feeling associated with the herb is still experienced by some, but others miss out on this effect as well. The overall experience is still usually around 30 minutes, but some feel affects slightly longer after a few drinks.

The Physical Affects of Mixing

The reason so many recommend against using both substances at the same time, is the loss of control can cause unusual behavior. The person taking both is more likely to want to stand, walk, talk, or move around after drinking and taking the herb. This can cause the individual greater risk of self-harm, or unfortunate encounters with others. This state also lacks what many users feel is the best and most positive aspect of using Diviner’s Sage which is a deepening understanding of the self. Many who use this herb feel it gives them better insights they would not have otherwise when the drug is used alone.