About Our Website

As marijuana and all things smoke related enthusiasts, our passion is to provide the visitors to our blog of the best and most trusted sources online from which to purchase their precious merchandise.

Here we provide detailed reviews on the top retailers in each of the niches we have listed below.

  1. Marijuana Seeds
  2. Vaporizers
  3. Bongs
  4. Salvia
  5. Kratom
Our Background:

As active users of each of these products for many years, we have experienced both the highs and lows when it comes to purchasing each of these products online. As we are sure you are familiar with, each of these products are deemed to be “shady” in nature by the general population, and as such it’s no surprise that because of this some retailers feel that they can get away with selling either below par merchandise or at worst simply taking your money and sending you nothing at all.

If this were to happen in any regular niche or market there would be uproar, yet because of the particular niches we deal in, many of these so called store owners feel that they can get away with it because they know that complaining to the authorities is simply out of the question due to the nature of the complaint.

For this reason we decided to take the law into our own hands so to speak, and create a list of the most trusted and well known sources online to purchase each of these products from in order to prevent anybody else from falling into the many pitfalls out there that we and so many others have faced down through the years.

On Marijuana Seeds:


Could you really see yourself calling your local police station to complain that your expensive packet of marijuana seeds hadn’t arrived? Nope, we couldn’t either!

Buying marijuana seeds online is lottery if you don’t fully understand what you are doing. As mentioned on our review page, there are a multitude of so called marijuana seed banks out there whose sole intention is to simply take your hard earned money and run to the hills with it.

Of course some of these “seed banks” might be more generous than others and send you either inferior seeds or as twice happened to us in the past – an empty exterior packet – whoop whoop!

However when it comes to the majority of would be scam artists, they’ll simply take your money, tell you that they’ve sent the seeds and
when you finally complain they won’t bother to answer your questions or even respond to your complaint. What’s more, many of these websites will simply just clone their website and move it to a different domain every so often to throw their growing list of complaints of the scent. You can take it from us that we’ve been there and worn the t-shirt all to often! For that reason you can take it from us that the list of marijuana seed banks listed here on our website as reliable and trustworthy sources are in fact just that – 100% reliable and 100% trustworthy – period!

On Vaporizers:


Surprisingly, the vaporizer niche is one to watch out for when it comes to choosing an appropriate retailer. In fact you would be surprised just how many pitfalls await you if you choose to opt for an unknown source while parting with your hard earned cash.

With vaporizers costing anywhere from $20 all the way up to a staggering $300 for the volcano vaporizer pictured here on the right, it’s easy to see why some scam artists see this as the ideal niche in which to leave you feeling well.. not so high but pretty dry.

This is a particularly competitive niche online and one where not always the good guys come out on tops. Websites set up to scam their customers use every tactic in the book to rank their websites highly on Google and the other search engines, and where there’s such competiveness and so much at stake it should come as no surpise once again to see some bad apples prepared to do what it takes to take hold of your hard earned cash. Again, if you’re considering purchasing a vaporizer online, be sure to order from any of the websites listed on our vaporizers review section to not only guarantee the best savings on your purchase, but to ensure you don’t opt for one of the well known scam websites out there. You have been warned!

On Bongs:


Similar to the vaporizer niche, when you wish to purchase a bong online although they are generally not as expensive as a vaporizer is, you can be sure that the same pitfalls as always await you should you choose to opt for the wrong bong outlet.

The reason is simple – The sale of bongs is illegal in many US states, and as mentioned above, once a product is prohibited in this way it creates a free for all for dodgy website owners to cash in on since they know that once they have your hard earned cash that there’s little to nothing you can do to retrieve it unless you have used a payment merchant such as Paypal or similar.

While Paypal look into every dispute and more often than not decide in the favor of you the customer on any disputes that you open, the truth is that not all stores accept it as a form of payment. In fact not all stores supported on our bongs reviews section support payment through Paypal either, yet we have taken the time to extensively review each and every bong retailer we list, and what’s more we have ordered and received our products to booth too, so you can take it from us – If you’re ordering a bong online then look no further than here!

On Salvia:


Salvia is one of those “legal drugs” that is legal is some places and not others. When it comes to its legal standing on the “drug” it seems that the USA is divided on its effects with some states banning it while other tolerate its use.

We neither condemn nor condone its use, but as regular users in the past we can tell you that an amazing experience to say the least! Depending on the state that you live in (for legal reasons), you could even make some extra money on the side by purchasing it in bulk online and selling it to your friends while tying it for yourself!

The high is quiet intense but doesn’t last any longer than a few minutes, but be warned – If you’ve never taken salvia before, start off with a low rating extract such as 30 x and work your way up – or prepare to have your mind blown!

Can you guess whether you may or may not get scammed when ordering salvia online? Of course you can! So if you’ve read the previous paragraphs on this page then we’re sure that we don’t need to keep ramming the same point home. To put it simply, if you’re ordering salvia online, don’t take a chance with your hard earned cash and visit our review section now!

On Kratom:


Similar to salvia, kratom is the last category / niche that we support and one that is riddled with here today gone tomorrow, money grabbing scam artists.

This is one niche that you can 100% take our word on that if you choose the wrong supplier, you can simply kiss your hard earned money goodbye. In fact why not just throw it on the ground or better still give it to a homeless person!

We could count on more than one hand the amount of times our kratom was “lost in the mail” or “in transit” and yet never reached its final destination. Perhaps it’s on the slow boat from China, but we’ll never know. Anyway, getting back to the point – If you’re searching for a kratom source that’s not only guaranteed to reach you, but one that also offers the best discount when ordered through any of the links on our website, then look no further than our kratom reviews section for the ultimate selection of tried and trusted kratom sources!