Marijuana Seeds For Sale – The 8 Best Seed Banks To Buy From

If you’re searching for the best marijuana seeds for sale online, then without doubt ilovegrowingmarijuana are not only our top choice.  Like the vast majority of trusted seed banks online, ilovegrowingmarijuana (ILGM) ship their seeds from Amsterdam, Europe. And since everybody and their dog knows that Amsterdam was and still is the cannabis capital of the world, you can rest assured that any Amsterdam based seed banks have been tried and tested by thousands of satisfied customers over the last 20 years or more! Ilovegrowingmarijuana are no exception to this rule, and their genetics and prices are some of the best we have seen online. In fact, you may be mistaken for believing that this is a US based seed bank, since the prices are listed in US dollar. But this is for  handiness sake only! That said, if you are ordering marijuana seeds for sale from USA, you can expect to receive your precious little gems in no more than a week or two max!

Right now, ilovegrowingmarijuana is at the top of our list of trusted seed banks.

For connoisseurs and beginners alike, their impressive range of marijuana seeds for sale include some of our personal favorites. Blueberry, AK 47 and OG Kush aren’t bad for starters! View our choice of top three feminized and regular pot seeds for sale by clicking the link below! Here you also will discover how you can get your hands on FREE stealth shipping to the US and Northern Europe, a special discount from us, and how to get an additional 10% off your order too! You can also downloaded your free Marijuna Grow Bible jam packed with helpful information to help you with your grow. Use the link below to read our full and unbiased review on and find out once and for all why this is perhaps the best choice of seedbank online!

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are one of the most popular marijuana seed banks online. It was a close call of whether or not we should place them first or second in our list of trusted marijuana seed banks. In the end, we placed them joint first! AMS prefer not to waste any energy or resources dealing in less popular marijuana seeds for sale. Instead, their entire efforts are put into perfecting only the best weed seeds. In fact you’ll find with more than 50 of the most popular and in demand marijuana seeds for sale. With big hitter strains such as Big Bud, White Widow, and Northern Lights to name just a few. Click the link to see our full review. Here you’ll find the best regular and feminized strains. Payment, shipping options and more are also covered. Place an order using the the link at the bottom of this page to guarantee the best discounts on your order! Save now with..
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Without doubt, Seedsman have the largest selection of marijuana seeds online. This is evident in their massive selection of over 1,500 cannabis strains for sale!  Although there is one downside when ordering from Seedsman. And that is the headache you’ll receive in choosing from an almost never ending range of strains!  For over 10 years Seedsman have been shipping their prized genetics to all corners of the world. They ship their prized genetics to the U.S.A, Canada and to all corners of the globe. Seedsman are well regarded as being among the most trusted seed banks online. Check out our full Seedsman discount code review by clicking the link below. Here we include our choice of the top three feminized and regular strains available. Then, when you are ready to place an order, visit their website through our unique discount link at the bottom of that page. Doing this, and using this 25% off Seedsman discount code will guarantee the highest discounts on your order!
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Original Sensible Seeds’ history dates all the way back to the early 90’s. This makes them also among the longest serving marijuana seed banks online. Just like Seedsman, they offer a gigantic selection of over 2,500 of the best cannabis seeds for sale. With all the best seeds like OG Kush, Blue Widow, Tutankhamon and more. OSS are an excellent choice for the more refined weed grower! Of course the big household strain names are their bread and butter too. You can pick and mix your own personal collection of strains for no extra cost if you wish. Or even search for something more adventurous to impress your friends. There is no other comparison to be made. Check our full Original Sensible Seeds review covering the best regular and feminized marijuana strains to buy!
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Buy Dutch Seeds offer a selection of marijuana seeds almost identical to those on sale at Nirvana. As the name suggests, this is yet another top Amsterdam based cannabis seed retailer. Yet, despite this, all prices listed on their website are actually listed in $USD. Usethe link below to see our full Buy Dutch Seeds review. Here we including the top strains on offer from this cannabis seed store. Not to mention how to get the best discount on your order too! When you are ready to place your order, visit their site through our unique discount tracking link on the following page and receive..
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White Widow Seeds have the best selection of “white” cannabis seeds for sale. Some of their most impressive”white” cannabis strains include Big Bud x White Widow, White Sensation and White Skunk. This is a paradise for lovers of this type of bud.  Use the link below to see our full review including payment options & more from this legendary store! Place your order at White Widow Seeds by visiting their site through the link at the bottom of this page to receive..
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Second last in our list of heavy weight seed banks online is the most prestigious and oldest weed seed merchant in the world. The Sensi Seed company. Unfortunately Sensi currently do not ship their products outside of Europe. Yet there is a solution for growers from outside of this region. They can bypass this simple problem by purchasing the Sensi range of genetics from Original Sensible Seeds instead! See our choice of the top strains from Sensi Seeds, with strains including Purple Haze and more. Check our Sensi Seeds review through the link below. Use the banner link on the bottom of this page to claim the best discounts on your order that only we can deliver!

Nirvana were once our top choice in our marijuana seed bank reviews guide. Yet in recent months there has been much talk of standards dropping, seeds going missing, poor genetics, and overall a bad sense of feeling among the marijuana growing community. If you want our advice, we recommend staying as far away from Nirvanashop as possible! Their selection of marijuana seeds for sale is limited when compared to other similar cannabis seed banks. Seedsman, SeedSupreme, and others that we review below do have a better range of marijuana strains. Don’t fall for the perceived “value for money” that Nirvana try to portray either. When you take into account the free seeds offers from more popular marijuana seed banks, you will see that you actually end up paying MORE when you order from Nirvanashop! Besides this, you’ll never find any of the more exotic strains like OG Kush, Blue Widow and Purple Haze at Nirvana. Remember, we recommend avoiding Nirvanashop, but if you wish to check our review then click the link below.

Best Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Narrowing down the best marijuana seeds for sale can be a bigger challenge than most believe. Deciding on a particular strain that will suit your grow’s needs can be just as difficult. New cannabis cultivators in particular are among the most vulnerable to this situation. With many often struggling to deal with the finer details before their grow.

Choosing The Best Seed Bank:

Choosing the best lighting, grow space and nutrients can be difficult. But deciding on a tried and trusted seed bank that suits your grows every need can be even harder. This can be the make or break of many of would-be successful grow.

This period of confusion creates the perfect storm for some of the less respected and so called “seed banks” out there. They delight in taking this opportunity to prey on vulnerable first time buyers. This situation plays straight into the hands of well known scam artists.

Of course for legal reasons we can’t go naming and shaming these so called companies. Yet in our opinion their omission from our above hall of fame speaks for itself. And of course it goes without saying, a flashy website is no reflection of a seed bank’s reputation!

Luckily whether you are a newbie, or an experienced marijuana cultivator, we are here to help.  And listed above is the best selection of tried and trusted marijuana seed banks. If you find that a particular store isn’t listed here, then you can take it for us that it’s for good reason!

Marijuana Seeds For Sale From The Top Seed Banks Online

We highly recommend placing an order at any of the cannabis seed stores listed in our seed bank reviews.  Our unique discount links allow you to qualify for bonus savings.  Order from our website ordering and receive free shipping, free seeds, and extra bonuses! Get the best marijuana seeds for sale at the most trusted seed banks only from Marijuanaseedsavings!
So our advice is simple. Ordering marijuana seeds for sale from the safety and peace of mind of any of the seed banks we list is recommended.  Remember to visit their website through any of our unique discount links when you are ready to place your order. You will see the benefits for yourself too!

Claiming Your Free Bonus:

Keep in mind that all our banner links listed will lead you to an expanded review of each seed bank review. At the bottom of these pages you will find another similar looking banner link. These will lead you on the homepage of each of the leading seed banks that we recommend. Place an order at any of the seed banks that we recommend by using these links to get the best discounts possible!

  • View our selection of the best seeds from each of these marijuana mega stores. And save yourself the time and hassle of searching for the best strains from each. Simply check our expanded review page for each of the seed banks we support. You can find the links to these reviews in the description for each seed bank above.
  • By placing an order with any of the seed stores recommended by us by visiting the store through any of our unique discount links. You can expect to receive a range of discounts. Therese include but are not limited to free seeds with every order. Free shipping – and much more. That only ordering marijuana seeds for sale through our special banner links guarantee!
Finally – We can’t recommend using feminized marijuana seeds for your grow enough.

These all female seeds produce 100% female & bud producing cannabis plants. This means that you never have to waste time and grow space on pesky male marijuana plants. The pollen that male plants produce is of course useful if you plan on breeding marijuana. But for most cannabis growers males are a nuisance and are best avoided at all costs!
Please take your time to review each seed bank above. Then, when you are ready to place an order, drop back here, select the website of your choice, and enjoy the range of savings on offer!

Peace out and happy growing 😉